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How to play:

The game was originally played by 4 players. Here, you will play against 3 computer opponents. Choose a plane and click on the lip icon to throw the dice. You need to throw a 6 to launch you plane.

You can have a second throw whenever you get a 6. Everybody takes his/her turn to throw the dice and to move. The idea is to move you pieces to your home square at the centre.

Click on the plane that you wish to move. You can move 5 steps if you get 5 on you dice. If green is your colour and you land on a green square, you can jump to the next green square as a reward.

If there are 3 steps left to land on your home square and if your throw is 4 you will have to move one step back of your home square. You need to throw the right number in order to land on to your home square at the end of your trip.

During the game, if your opponent lands on the same square after you, your piece will be sent back to the starting point.