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Action Ärgern 2.07.1

"Action"-version of Ludo. 2 to 4 players - humans or computer. Adjustable speed and rules. Sound, three levels of difficulty. Author: Olaf Grzanna, Germany, 2000. Game and installation in German only. Req.: Win 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT, XP. Shareware, but impossible to reach author (dead website and dead email).
- 1,3 mb Price: 39,00 DM



 Bul 1.0s

A war game (running-fight game) version of the Mayan Patolli descendant game of  Bul. A good help file explains the rules. Sound and very good artwork.


Req.: VBRUN300.DLL

bul_neeley_sw.zip - 1, 1 mb Steve Neeley Price: $15


 Carl's Classics 1.52

A game collection from Sweden with 14 games, including Pachisi. The game is locked in the shareware version, but from the rules it seems to be an standard Ludo game (despite the name). Play against the computer or other people or Network / Internet play. A 4,9 mb shareware version is available. Min. req.: Windows 95 and up,  Pentium 166MHz, 16mb Ram, video card 1mb (800x600 with 65 536 colors). 

carls_classics_sw_1.52.exe - 4,9 mb Game On Price: $19.95


 Cyber Parques 2.0

Based on the Colombian Ludo version called Parques (safe places, but no blockades). Two dices are used. Game in Spanish only (making it difficult for me to to review...)


Author: David Leonardo Villamil Carreño, Colombia. Req.: Windows 95, 98 or ME. Shareware version.

cyberparques_2.0_sw.zip - 458 kb Cyber Parques Price: ??



Don't Get Anry! 2.0 icon
 Don't Get Angry! 2.0 (v.1.05)

Excellent 3D Ludo game. Very funny characters and humourous twists. Play against your friend or three computer opponents, multiplayer via LAN or Internet, ten different teams, bonus weapons, twenty board designs, four layouts, eight game speeds. Demo available.

Author: Mike Dogan. Req.: Win 98/2000/XP, 700MHz CPU, DirectX 7.0 (or higher), 128MB RAM, 3D graphics card with 32MB video RAM or more.
da2_demo_english_packed.exe - 16, 5 mb X-Pressive  Price: EUR 19.95

Don't Get Angry! 2.0

 GetOut! (Raus)

Ludo variant - multiplayer online possible through TCP/P addresses. Multiple options, several different boards, sounds, good graphics, fun to play. English, German and Spanish language. Recommended! Formerly known as 'NetLudo'. Named 'Raus' in German. Req.: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP - Shareware  (10 days trial). Author: Uwe Dohms, Germany. Single license - 12,90 EUR/USD, network license 18,90 EUR/USD

getout_1.7.0.7_sw.exe - 865 kb Sedom.de Price: 12,90 EUR



 Grummel98 1.22

Ludo game - 1 to 4 players (humans or computer). Several screen sizes, highscore, sound. Four game variations.


Req: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Website, installation and game in German only. Shareware.

grummel_98_1.22sw.exe - 1,3 mb: De-Ha Software Price: 11,24 Euro



 Hexaparchis 1.8 Plus

Shareware Ludo game. 4 or 6 player. Looks good, shame there is no version in English. Website, installation and game in Spanish only.


Req.: Win95+ and IE 4.0+. Author: Abraham García González, Spain. Website not updated, downloads dead.

hexaparchis_1.8_plus_sw.exe - 4,7 mb Hexaparchis Price: 18 Euro



 Hoyle® Puzzle & Board Games 2005

A retail collection of 37 (?) board and puzzle games including Pachisi. 3 skill levels, music, Facemaker. Amazon.com.

Min. req.: Windows 98/2000/Me/XP, Pentium II PC 233 or higher, 32 MB RAM (64 MB for Windows XP), 8x CD-ROM, 800 x 600, 595 MB Hard Disk Space.

Publisher: Hoyle (Vivendi). Price: $19.99


 Kaleidoskop 2.3

Good Ludo game. Several screens sizes, statistics, several backgrounds, sound. Website, installation and game in German only.

Req.: Win 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP. Author: Armin Niggeman. Screenshot from version 2.2

kaleidoskop_2.3_sw.exe - 2,7 mb  White Dog Software Price: 10 Euro


 LcParchìs 4.3

2 to 4 player game (human or computer). Undo, save/load game, tutor. Can't say much more about the game (my Spanish is poor...).

Website. installation and game in Spanish only. Author: Luis Cereto Bescós, Spain. Shareware version seems to be v. 3.3. Req.: Win95+

lcparchis_3.3_sw.exe - 1,7 mb LCB Software Price: 25 Euro /  $30



 Les Petits Chevaux 1.12f

French Ludo game with an horse theme. 2 to 4 players (humans or computer), save and load games, sound, audio-cd player, 640*480, 800*600 or 1024*768 resolutions. English and French languages. Shareware version.

Win 9x/ME,2000,XP,NT 3.5+. Ridiculous price...
les_petits_chevaux_US_112f_sw.exe - 2 mb TomCat Software Price: $40.00



 Ludo Rk 1.1

Shareware Ludo game from Brazil. The field includes some 'bonus thrown' places.


Website, installation and game in Portuguese only.

ludo_rK_11_sw.exe - 865 kb RKSoft Price: R$ 9,99



 Ludo 1.2

2 to 4 player Ludo game (human or computer) for the PalmOS.

Runs on both monochrome and color, high-resolution support for: HandEra 330, Sony Clié, Palm OS5., supports Jog Wheels and Jog Dials, selectable background colors, several levels, one or two dice(s), 3D effect, sound, statistics. Shareware version available.

ludo1.2_palm_sw.zip - 42 kb Seahorse Software Price: $11.95


 Ludo 1.4

Standard Ludo game. Simple interface, no options. 

Buggy. Stay away. Author: Bob Mc Athey (England). 1998.

Req.: Win 3.1+ (need mci.vbx and keystat.vbx). Shareware.

ludo14_Bob Mc Athey_sw.zip - 80 kb Recall Systems Price: £ 6.60

Ludo 1.4 Mc Athey


 LudoBet 1.7

2 to 4 players, humans or against the computer. Ludo game with an emphasis on gambling. Also an "Cut Throat" version where a captured piece is dead and don't return to the game. Sound. Old, UI and graphics not good enough. Not worth the money.

Shareware (10 times trial). Author: Malcolm Bain (2001)

ludobet_1.7_sw.exe - 2,6 mb Gamesgalore Price: $14.95



 Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht! 1.0

Old shareware Ludo game (abandonware?). Three playing sizes: 200x200, 400x400, 700x700. Sound, different speed levels, 4 or 6 players.


Game In German only. Author: Oliver Kraheck, Germany, 1995. Req.: Win 3.1+. 

mensch_aergere_dich_nicht_1.0_1995_sw.zip - 321 kb Oliver Kraheck Price: DM 30.-



 Milton Bradley Board Games

Parcheesi is one of seven board games in this CD collection from Hasbro, 2001. Sound, animations, save/load games, internet play, highscore. Req.: Win 95/98/Me/XP; Pentium 90MHz+, 16Mb RAM, 4XCD, 75MB free hard drive space, SVGA video card; 28.8 baud modem or higher (for Internet play); DirectX 6.0+, sound card, mouse.

Buy used at: Amazon Price: $2.98 and upwards


 Pachisi for PocketPC 1.0


Claims to follows most of what are believed to be the common rules of the original Pachisi game. 

Up to 4 human or computer (AI) players, plug-in architecture allows new boards, sound themes, and AI players to be added later, 2 boards, animation.

Demo available. Req.: ARM/XScale based PocketPC.


pachisi_transtellar_ppc_demo.exe - 136 kb Transtellar Software Price: $7.50


 Patolli 1.0s

Shareware version of the ancient Aztec Patolli race & gambling game. MIDI music and sounds. Many different options and good artwork (but only 16 colours in the shareware version). 

Req.: vbrun3000.dll.

patolli_neeley_sw.zip - 731 kb Steve Neeley Price: $15



 Pocket Ludo 1.0


Shareware Ludo game for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC 2003. 


One or two player (up to 4 in teams), two difficulty levels, single tap play, help, undo. 


Made in 2001. Undo disabled in shareware version.


pocketludo_10_sw.exe - 155 kb Micaceler Price: $15


 PocketPachisi 1.01

Two to four players - humans or computer. For the Pocket PC. 

From the commercial: "Multiple gameplay speeds let you customize the flow of the game to your own preference. On-screen battery level indicator lets you monitor battery charge during play"

Req.: 4 MB of free RAM or expansion memory, StrongARM / XScale, MIPS, PPC2000, PPC2002, WM2003, WM2003SE1.

Demo available.

pocketpachisi_101_demo.exe - 1,1 mb Pocket PC Studios Price: $9.95 USD



4 variations, 1 to 4 players or teams, 3D animated game pieces, "hundreds of ways to bump, slide, and Sorry! your opponents..", Internet play.

Read more about the Sorry! variant

Req.: Win 95+

Buy at: Amazon 1 / Amazon 2 Price: $0.99 and upwards


 Tommy's Pachisi

Ugly shareware MS-DOS game from 1995. 


Part of 'Tommy's Board Game Pack 1' with eight games.

tommy_1board.zip - 895 kb Tommy's Toys
Price: $24.95


 Wahoo! 1.1

Wahoo game. Three boards, six marble colors, sound, and 2 to 4 players - human or computer players. Special move: the Center Hole Shortcut. Shareware version has a nag screen - no other limitations. Author: Bud Baker. 

See the Parcheesi page for more information about 'Wahoo'.

wahoo_1.1_sw.exe - 428 kb SpinnerBaker Software Price: $10




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