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Chinesenspiel. 2,3 or 4 players. Sound & music.


Author: Jesús García Martínez, Spain. Game in Spanish only.


Read more about Chinesenspiel.

chinesenspiel_chusoft.zip - 376 kb Price: 0


 Dada 0.11

Ludo game for the Amiga.


2 - 4 players. Horse theme.


French and English language. 


Author: Denis Obriot. Req.: Amiga OS 2.0+


dada_0.11_amiga.lha- 124 kb AmigA Maquette Price: 0



 Fia med knuff

2-4 player Ludo game. Sound. Simple, but nice.


Author: Emanuel Lundman, Sweden, 1999. In Swedish only. 


Req.: Win9x, VB 6 runtime files.

fia_med_knuff_ecorner.zip - 406 kb ECorner Price: 0



 Fia med knuff

Ludo. 2 to 4 players (human or cpu). Simple little game. Swedish language only. 


Req.: Win95+, Visual Basic 4. Made in 2000. English version below (Ludo 1.0). Source code available. 

Author: Anton Gustavsson, Sweden (V 2003)

fia_gustavsson.zip - 106 kb Anton Gustafsson Price: 0

Fia med knuff


 Fia med knuff 0.4

Ludo game for Macintosh Classic. Sound.


Only in Swedish.

Author: Ingemar Ragnemalm. Sweden, 2002

Fia-med-knuff-04.hqx - 184 kb Ingemar Ragnemalm Price: 0

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 Flash Ludo

Flash made Ludo game. 3D looking. You play with green against three computer opponents. Control: mouse. The in-game ad for the authors website is moving (very annoying). Author: Free Online Games. Works at least in Windows XP. 

The download includes both the .swf file and an .exe version.

flashludo.zip - 3,2 mb Free Online Games Price: 0


 Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 3

Pachisi is one of six board games in this abandonware collection for MS-DOS from 1991.

- 945 kb Price: abandonware



 iNet Parchis 2.0 beta Rev. 1

Ludo game, standalone and network play. Spanish and English language versions. Website in Spanish. Can't tell much more, since I have not managed to get a copy of the English language version. Author: Josep Marti Pasto (aka Nosfe). Req.; Win 95+, DirectX 8.0
parchis_2.0beta1_Josep Marti Pasto.exe- 6 mb  Nosfe Price: 0



 Le Jeux de Dada 1.0

French MS-DOS game. Standard 1 to 4 players (humans or computer). 

Author: Franck Masschelein, 1995

lejeuxdedada_1.0_dos_free.exe- 703 kb F. Masschelein Price: 0



 Los Raus Hier! 1.0 

Small Ludo game. No help file or rules available (online help file points to dead site). 


In German only. 


Authors: Christian Perger & Hermann Hahnl, 2001

- 148 kb Price: 0




Ludo game for the 'ZX Spectrum 48K'

Made in 1993 by Gary Reynolds

ludo.tap_spectrum.zip- 10 kb World of Spectrum Price: 0



MS-DOS Ludo game. EGA, from 1996.

Authors: MB Productions (Nicolaj Borchorst, Anders Meyer and Odd Odul Orden), Denmark

- 47 kb Price: 0




Small Ludo game made by Hensley Bass in 1998. 2,3, or 4 players. 

Barebones, but with charm. Req.: vbrun300.dll. Bugs exists.

- 62 kb Price: 0




Same game as described below - but the old DOS version. Author: Ihsan Ul Haque


Offered together with 17 other old dos games.

ishan_all-dos.zip- 626 kb  Mindgames Price: 0


 Ludo 1.0

Standard Ludo game for 2 to 4 players (human or computer). Sound, save/load game, help file, play log, dice counter, command line for human players moves. 

The interface & mouse clicks are not very intuitive, but the game grows on you after some playing. 


Req.: Win 98SE+, Visual basic 6 runtime files.
Author: Ihsan Ul Haque - 2003

ishan_ludo_free_incl_commonfiles.zip- 888 kb  (Mindgames) Price: 0


 Ludo for Windows 1.0

Simple 2-player Ludo game (you against the computer)

Author: David Landers, FishBreath Software 1995

Abandonware (nag screens at start and exit)

Req.: Windows 3.1+ and Visual Basic 3 runtime files


Download removed 25.09.2006 at request of author

ludo_for_windows_1.0_fishbreath_sw.zip- 19 kb Price: 0


 Ludo 1.0

2 to 4 players (human or cpu). simple little game. English and Swedish language. 


Req.: Win95+, Visual Basic 4. Made in 1997.

See also "Fia med knuff" above for the Swedish version with source code. Author: Anton Gustavsson, Sweden (V 2003)

ludo1.0_Anton Gustavsson_free.zip- 48 kb Price: 0



 Ludo 1.3

"Hard-playing version of the children's game. Addictive!"


WinSite's description. Don't know anymore, sorry. I couldn't get the game to run on my computer. Versions for Win3x and Win 9x. Author: Bob Mc Athey (1997)

ludo1_3 Bob Mc Athey_win3x_free.zip-236 kb (Win3.1) ludo1_3_ Bob Mc Athey_free.zip-236 kb (Win9x) Price: 0

No screenshot


 Ludo 3.11a

Two or four players, humans or against the computer.  Features: Safety zones (star marked), double's blockade, move doubles, load/save/reset game, numbered field, several computer strength levels, Many options. Elimination mode (war game, killed pieces do not re-enter the board...)

Nice game, but small playing window (640x480)

Req.: Win95+, Author: Arnab Bose, India (2003). 

arnabs_ludo311a_free.zip- 570 kb Arnab Price: 0

Arnab's Ludo


 MADN 0.98

Very good Ludo game. Standalone play or online TCP/IP play (with chat).


Sound, statistic, highscore, bmp as backgrounds.


Website, installation and game in German only.


Author: Mathias Niepert. Req.: Win9x/Me/NT/2000/XP and Winsock2.

madn_0.98_mitsound.zip- 322 Mathias Niepert Price: 0



 MäD - Mensch ärgere Dich (nicht!) 1.1

2-4 player variant of Ludo game. Includes some marked fields with different options (extra speed, reduced speed, teleport, swap pieces, and more). Could have been more intuitive. Installation and game in German only. 
Req.: Visual Basic 6. Author: Uwi Haertel.

maeD11_free.zip- 1,7 mb UwiSoft Price: 0




MS-DOS Ludo game from 1998. ASCII graphics (not pretty...) Author: Leo R., The Netherlands. [or: John van Dijk, see WinSite]. In Dutch only.
menserg_parkeerbonnen_dos.zip- 43 kb Parkeerbronnen Price: 0



 Mens Erger Je Niet 2.1

Simple Ludo game - 2 to 4 players - for MS-DOS.


Author: H.A.B. SMALS. In Dutch only. From 1989.

mens_erger_je_niet_2.1_dos.arj- 55 kb Marten Software Service Price: 0


 Mensch Høgørøk Nicht

Simple Ludo game with a Beer theme. In German.

Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. Requires tclkit. 

Author: Wolf Busch, Germany.  Linux/Mac kit (34 kb)

mensch_hgrk_nicht.exe - 943 kb (windows) Wolfgang Busch Price: 0



  Mensch ärgere Dich nicht 1.0

Standard 2 to 4 player Ludo game (humans or computer). Easy or difficult level. In German only.

Req.: Win 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT, XP. Public Domain.
Made by J.O.M-Software - Olaf Mertgen, 1997, Germany.  

jom_mensch_free.zip- 149 kb J.O.M-Software Price: 0



 Mensch ärgere dich nicht 1.0

Ludo game, 2 - 4 player (humans or computer). Sound. 

Website and game in German only. 

Author: Hans-Jürgen Funke, Germany, 1995

funke_mensch_free.exe - 92 kb Hans-Jürgen Funke Price: 0




"Here's a little Pachisi game...featuring the classical board, a lightly animated die, and moving pieces. All dimensions are computed from the -size switch, so maybe change that to suit your likings." Demo code


Despite the name: It's Ludo.

Requires Tcl an Tk. Author: Richard Suchenwirth (2003)

Code (local) The Tcler's Wiki Price: 0


 Pachisi 1.5

Very old Ludo game for MS-DOS from 1989. One of the first shareware VGA games. 2,3 or 4 players - human or computer. Keyboard moves.

Author: George Leotti

leotti_pachisi_free.zip - 53 kb  Theodor Lauppert  Price: Abandonware




Parcheesi game for the Amiga. Author: Xavier Egusquiza (1993). Download web page in Spanish.

Alternative download: Assassins Disk 45

parcheese_amiga_1993.zip - 136 kb Computeremuzone Price: 0


 Parchis 2.1

The Ludo variant Parchis. Two to 4 players - humans or computer. Website and game in Spanish. 

Author: Ignacio Perez Gil, Spain, 2001. Offered together with a MasterMind game and a Qúbix game

parchis_ignacio_free.zip - 160 kb Ignacio Perez Gil  Price: 0



 Platt! 1.02 (e)

"Have a dice day" with this good 3D version. Rotating board, cool animation, sound, 1-4 players (humans or cpu).

Req.: Win95+, 350 Mhz Pentium, 32 mb ram, DirectX 7.0+, 3D graphic accelerator card (4mb). English version. Platt means 'flat' (thanks to Gabriele Neukam).


Author: Digital Spirit, 2000 (Germany). Abandonware

platt_e_install.exe - 9,2 mb Price: 0



 Platt! WM Edition 1.05 (d)

Same game as above, but with an football/soccer theme. The dice is a football. The teams are Germany, France, Holland, Brazil. Installation and game in German. Cool sounds!


Author: Digital Spirit, 2002 (Germany). Req.: 64 mb RAM.

platt_WM_Ed_105d_Install.zip - 15,5 mb Caiman (alternative) Price: 0


 Platt! X-mas Demo Edition 1.4. (d)

Same game as the ones above, but with an Christmas / Winter theme. Installation and game in German. Demo, it says, but I don't see any kind of limitations?


Author: Digital Spirit, 2002 (Germany). Req.: 64 mb RAM.

platt_XMas_Demo_Install.exe - 7,4 mb Chip Online  (alternative) Price: 0

Platt! X-mas



MS-DOS game from 1995. 

It says shareware, but is probably abandonware. 
Author: Jesús García Martínez, Spain. Game in Spanish only.

parchus_dos.zip-  46 kb Price: 0



 Slippery Ludo


Ludo variant. x2 fields doubles the dice throw. 

Sound, Auto play. 

Author: Nigel Rigby, 1998.


va4u_ludo.zip- 46 kb VA4U.com Price: 0



  Spielsammlung 4.50 beta (build2)

'Kegelrennen' (Ludo) is one of nine games in this collection. Save/load, sound, many options, a nice game.


Website, installation and game in German only. 


Author: Simon Reinhardt, Germany. Req.: Windows 9x+. Also version for Win 3.1 (16 bits) (5,9 mb)

spiele32_4.50beta2.zip - 4, 8 mb P.I.C.S Price: 0



 Tu Disch nisch aufregen 3.1 (TDNA)

Ludo game. Looks good (I wish I had followed the German language course at school...sigh...). 

Website, installation and game in German only. 
Author: David Herminghaus. 

3,1 mb (Win95+) Win NT/2000 TDNA Price: 0


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